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Attractions around the DMZ


Established right after the announcement of the Joint Communique between the South and the North of Korea in 1972, Imjingak exhibits various artifacts and souvenirs resulting from the Korean War and numerous conflicts between North and South Korea.

◾Imjingak Pyeonghwa-Nuri

Another name that symbolizes Imjingak. It offers a wide grass hill to watch various performances or take a rest.

◾Dorasan Station

The northernmost station for Gyeongui Line from the south. Located 30m distant from the Southern Limit Line. Visitors can see Dorasan Mountain and barbed wire fences.

◾Dorasan Peace Park

Visitors can experience ecology of the DMZ through the Korean peninsulalooking eco-pond and an observatory deck. The exhibition hall in the park displays the history of Dorasan and materials on ecology of the DMZ in three dimensional images.


The venue where the Armistice Agreement was signed on July 27, 1953. It is still used for an inter-Korean talks. It has become one of the world’s attractions when it was the focal point of news all around the world due to the ceasefire talks.

◾Tongil Dongsan

A security education venue that holds the hope of reunification. Located in which Hangang River and Imjingang River are met, one can see Songaksan, Gaeseong on a clear day. It is close to Provence and Heyri Artvalley.

◾Aegibong Peak

Allows people to see the North Korean territory in the nearest distance. On holidays or at the end or beginning of the year, displaced persons visit to comfort sorrow for nostalgia.

◾Godaesan Mountain

At an altitude of 832 meters, the mountain is situated on the right of Sintanri Station (Gyeongwon Line). At the top, one can see Cheorwon Plain and Baekma Highland at a glance.

◾Yeoncheon Soonguijeon Site

A shrine established at the skirt of Amisan Mountain along Imjingang River. Four kings including Taejo Wang Geon and 16 loyal subjects were canonized.

◾Yeolsoe Observation Deck

Established on April 11, 1998. Visitors can see the North Korean territory at a glance. It exhibits daily supplies and military equipment.

◾Bridge of Freedom

Constructed on the back of Mangbaedan on Imjingang River, it is symbolic of “return to freedom” because war prisoners crossed the bridge in 1953 during the Korean War.

◾Steam Locomotive

Stopped at Jangdan Station on Gyeongui Line, it was moved to the entrance of Dokkedari (bridge) in the Imjingak Resort. It is the No. 75 Modern Cultural Heritage and preserved according to Paju-si’s “Plans to Preserve and Maintain Modern Cultural Heritage.”

◾The Northernmost Point

Located at Sintan-ri Station (Sinseo-myeon, Yeoncheon-gun), a destination of Gyeongwon Line in the south that used to come and go between Seoul and Wonsan before the Korean War broke out. There stands a sign near the station that reads “We want to be back on track.”

◾The 3rd Tunnel

One of tunnels that North Korea dug to infiltrate the south. It is the closest to Seoul, 52km, among the four tunnels uncovered so far. Visitors can see it by a DMZ tourist bus at Imjingak.

◾Odu Mountain Unification Observatory

A security education place established on Odu Mountain where Hangang River and Imjingang River meet. From the circular observation room, one can see Songaksan, Gaeseong. A shuttle bus commutes for free from the parking lot.


The northernmost road that connects the four DMZ border areas: Gimpo, Goyang, Paju, and Yeoncheon. It includes Village An-gil, Non-gil, Jebang-gil, Coastal barbed-wire fence, Hangang River downstream, Imjingang River, and other historical sites.

◾Gyeonggi Peace Center

An exhibition hall located at the entrance to Imjingak Pyeonghwa-Nuri Park. It is used for educational purposes to deliver the message of peace and its importance to the international community.

◾Camp GREAVES “DMZ Experience Center”

One of the oldest US army facilities where US troops stationed since the Armistice Agreement was signed. By being remodeled, it is the first youth hostel in the DMZ. It is used as a peace security experience facility.

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